Monday, November 15, 2010


Photos by Joe Bonnello and Don Emde

We were at the Petersen Automotive Museum in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday for the Bonhams Classic California Auction. My primary purpose for being there was to hopefully see my Rossi/Riders for Health Yamaha R1 get sold to raise funds for Riders for Health. It turned out the buyers there were more automotive than motorcycle related, so the bids for the R1 fell short of our reserve.

Despite that unexpected result, there were some other cool bikes and cars for sale, plus some memorabilia materials for sale from the estate of Bud Ekins, Steve McQueen and more.

My Rossi/Riders for Health R1 didn't bring the needed bids.

A number of bikes and memorabilia from the Bud Ekins estate was sold.

Steve McQueen's old motorcycle toolbox sold for $11,000!

Bud Ekins' 1908 Delaunay-Belleville sold for $110,000.

My consolation for the day was winning the bid for some original Von Dutch artwork he had created many years ago for Bud Ekins' Hollywood vehicle rental business.

A pretty Duc for sale.

An original Triumph dragster ridden in the '50 by Bobby Sirkegian.

How pretty is that? Probably didn't look that good new.

Late in the day the R1 went up on the board, but we're going to have to wait for another day to get it sold. Anyone who thinks they might be interested can contact me for details.

Some motorcycles from the estate of USGP Carlsbad winner Marty Moates was also for sale.

More of the Bud Ekins memorabilia.

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