Thursday, October 21, 2010


One of our magazine clients was in the news lately. Per Lindby, maker of the Lindbar engine guards, made the lead Local story in the Sunday, Oct. 17th edition of the Orange County Register about having his expensive Louis Vuitton luggage come up missing after a Delta airline flight...twice in a row! The luggage, which costs about $5,000 for two pieces, is apparently a favorite of the Delta luggage handlers at the John Wayne (Orange County) and other airports, because in the first flight when he was going to the Sturgis Rally last August, Delta cannot confirm that the bags actually ever made it onto the airplane! So after Per watched them go down the conveyor into the back room at the airport, and the airplane, some how they came up missing. On his next flight to the Parts Unlimited Showcase in Madison, his brand new replacement Louis Vuitton luggage was also reported as missed, although in this case they believe the set left Orange County and went missing at another location. In both cases, claims are in process, but it really has to make you wonder about airport security? With everything air travelers go through to get on a plane, yet in the backroom, you have baggage handlers going home at night with their "booty" from the day?

Lindby, by the way, admits the pricey luggage is some "stupid stuff" people buy sometimes, but says they make a pretty decent living and can afford it.

Oh, and after losing the luggage twice, when he then had to fly to Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest, he went to Walmart and bought a suitcase for $30 and it made it there fine.

Lessons I get from all this: Buy cheap luggage, and don't fly Delta airlines.

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